RPL Certificate

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning, or RPL for a simpler term, is an assessment process through which people with overseas qualification and work experience can receive recognition of their prior learnings and trainings, and transform them into a valid Australian qualification. Australian government understands and acknowledges the learning outcomes that have already been achieved overseas. It allows the applicants of RPL to obtain Australian qualification without having to complete the studies that have been already finalised. To ensure fairness and consistency of issuance of Australian qualifications, a sufficient evidence is, of course, required to apply, be assessed, and be awarded with a corresponding Certificate, or a Diploma. RPL can be utilised for many instances, and can be a very useful way of obtaining an Australian qualification for the purposes of education, work, or migration.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection accepts qualifications obtained through RPL when determining visa applications of overseas workers in applying for a temporary work visa, or an Australian Permanent Residency. It is a popular programme amongst the overseas people who lacks Australian qualification due to time limitation or unnecessity, but have the overseas experience to perform the set tasks at the most skilled level.

RPL Available list for

(Certificate III – IV – Diploma – Advanced Diploma)

Aged Care
Building & Construction
Business Administration
Children Services
Commercial Cookery
Community Care
Customer Contact
Disability Care
Education and Training
Human Resources
Information Technology
Leadership And Management
Project Management
Quality Auditing
Retail Banking
Retail Management
Transport and Logistics
Travel and Tourism
Work Health and Safety